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The Fat Fuelled Female Podcast is designed to help ambitious women thrive on a low carb, high fat lifestyle with Holistic Nutritionist Marja Chow.

Tune in each week for the best tools and nutritional strategies for becoming fat adapted, boosting confidence, improving your fitness, enhancing your mindset, so that YOU can take inspired action and overcome obstacles that may be preventing you from living your best life and getting the health you deserve!


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What Podcast Listeners Are Saying

"Love the energy and authenticity of this podcast the continent is relatable and I find myself learning something new from her!"

- Btee87

"I absolutely love the sound of her voice! She sounds so confident, genuine, and hearing her own struggles makes you feel an instant connection! Definitely felt inspired and motivated after the first podcast episode! I cannot wait for the next!"

- Yenny 720

"Marja is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable! Her energy is contagious. I’m so excited to learn all about keto. Thanks for taking the time to educate us!"

- clc 57

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